(About me)

Belen Copetti

Creative Director & Senior Copywriter, with 8+ years of experience—concepting campaigns & brands toward award-winning status.

Based in Miami, with roots in the Italian Mediterranean 🇮🇹 ☀️ I am a creative conceptor and leader of excellence, passionate about discovering and executing competitive messaging for brands—and conquering the market.

And doing it all just in time for my 7 p.m. Aperol Spritz 😉

Assertive Communicator

Empathy Driven

Fun & Optimistic

Personal & Professional Improvement

On the Daily

I thoughtfully bring myself to my work every day. A strong believer in authenticity and emotional intelligence, I am known to keep a positive mindset to daily challenges and seek effective practical solutions for all parties. I enjoy closely collaborating with team members, stakeholders, and creatives to develop campaigns, strategies, products, and brands to achieve business goals.

My Specialties:

Creative & Strategic Copywriting

Creative Direction & Team Management

Competitive Brand Positioning

Strategic Storytelling & Messaging

PR Campaign Creation + Direction

My Personal Story

I was always very inspired by the most creative person in the world—my grandfather. He has inspired me to live a life of diverse passions and firm beliefs—especially, as a queer creative. He taught me many things. That good, homemade pasta is only truly enjoyed with family & friends (and is not as good if not hung to dry on broomsticks across the kitchen). And that building a Cinquecento from scratch in your garage is not only possible, but very similar to building your own spaceship.

Though I didn’t inherit his ability to build cars, where he wasn’t so good with words, I was.

Inventor meets his writer. It is at this point that my journey as a communicator of brilliance began.

My Professional Background

I have worked in the creative industry for over 8 years for brands, agencies, and companies. At 27, I was promoted to Creative Director at an Inc5000 Company, Mira, as I started leading the company’s creative team and marketing output in all channels.

I believe in standing out in a world where most people are afraid to step out of the beaten path.

With a strong creative vision—but with an eye on business objectives, I have experience managing and mentoring creative teams, as well as executing brilliant concepts and messaging across various digital formats.

I have executed 360-degree campaigns and gained experience crafting creative and strategy that get media coverage while mentoring and leading a team of diverse and talented creatives.