“Inspired by Hormones” — the Mira brand revamp.

Making the “world’s mini hormone lab” the most popular hormone tracker on the market.

(Mira’s NEW Rebrand)

Mira’s brand DNA wasn’t what it was 2-3 years ago as a young startup. With accelerated growth, this now million-dollar, Inc5000 company needed to stay ahead of the competition with a modern look for modern women.

As creative director, messaging strategist, and team lead, we researched our competitors, similar companies in the industry, trends, and created a revamp that would renew our brand, but stay true to our essence. We wanted a rebrand that would be true to our audience—an audience that is special and sensitive and needs warmth. A lot of our ideas come from listening to our clients and their needs, while infusing our brand’s strongest differentiators.

The New Brand Book

The logo and icon

The mission and strategy

Inspired by

Website and website moodboard

Photography direction